TCHSAA Committee Chairs serves as the head of the various committees within the association.  Committee Chairs are appointed by the TCHSAA Executive Board and to provide leadership for their appointed committee.   Each committee has a selected group of members that oblige to comply with each committee responsibilities.

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(Connecting All, Reaching Everybody)



Committee Members

Brian Hightower, Co-Chairman: Class of 1996

Crystal Julmis: Class of 1991

The Bulldogs C.A.R.E. Committee (Connecting All, Reaching Everybody) Committee strengthens the TCHSAA community by offering compassionate support, helping hands, and celebratory acts depending on individual needs.  We will provide immediate, sensitive responses and services to any congregant or regular attendee experiencing a life crisis or milestone event.

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(Providing Athletes With Support)

Committee Members

LaShonda Bolton: Class of 1996

Keisha Goodrum: Class of 1997

Candice Johnson: Class of 1998

Jermaine Beale, Sr.: Class of 1999

Jamel Moore: Class of 1999

Kamiyla Lane: Class of 2016

At the core of every Athletics Department is the student-athlete. It is the responsibility of TCHSAA to be a tool to TCHS Atlhletic Department to assist with providing the best academic, athletic and social experience possible for the student-athlete. PAWS (Providing Athletes With Support) has been established to achieve that goal. PAWS is a program completely devoted to the student-athlete and the development of life skills

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Committee Members

Ursula Fambro Co-Chairman: Class of 1991

Letitia P. Rogers: Class of 1995

Lawrence Williams: Class of 2012

Kym Haywooed: Class of 2013

Alex Albritton: Class of 2015

The Scholarship Committee is to oversee the annual scholarships and to ensure the timely and fair disposition of scholarship funds.  The committee is charged with publicizing and soliciting applications and making decisions based on the applicants’ responses.  It is also the responsibility of the committee to distribute the scholarship(s) and follow up with recipient(s) to ensure the scholarship(s) awarded is received.

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Committee Members

Keya Carr: 1990

Myoeshea Brown: Class of 1991

Katina Driver: Class of 1997

Courtni Phillips: Class of 2008

Requell Stegall: Class of 2010

The Service Committee respond to needs identified by Tri-Cities Administrative Staff, Social Worker, and community organizations (funding and volunteering).  This is done by Initiating, planning and implementing community projects/activities focused on the goals of TCHSAA.

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